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Иордания (ссылки)

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Сообщение konkar » 25 окт 2006, 23:02

Иордания (ссылки)


Если Вам понравилась эта тема - поделитесь ссылкой на нее с друзьями в соцсетях. Кнопки ниже:
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сирия форум

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Сообщение Amneziya » 23 мар 2007, 12:09

Вот здесь еще много полезной инфы http://www.visitjordan.com/
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Сообщение tkv » 31 авг 2007, 09:38

Много полезной информации по cтране : http://www.jordanjubilee.com/
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Сообщение Lingvomanyak » 24 окт 2007, 14:57

по достопримечательностям
Не бывает и не может быть при капитализме действительного участия масс в управлении страной, хотя бы потому, что при самых демократических порядках в условиях капитализма правительства ставятся не народом, а Ротшильдами и Стиннесами, Рокфеллерами и Морганами.
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Сообщение waskinkot » 25 окт 2007, 10:45

http://www.montecar.com прокат авто. Неплохой выбор, цены приемлемые
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Сообщение tkv » 26 ноя 2007, 19:10

Путеводитель по Петре http://nabataea.net/petra.html
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Сообщение Dmdrl » 11 янв 2008, 02:02

Вади Рам

1350х2100 354Kb
Иордания (ссылки)

А ЗДЕСЬ все что было в Lonely Planet на этот счет
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Сообщение konkar » 19 сен 2008, 11:00

информация об Акабе, в том числе визовые вопросы, Петре, Вади Рам на русском языке

http://www.aqaba.jo/russian/index.php?o ... Itemid=110
All we are is dust in the wind
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Re: Полезные ссылки : Иордания

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Сообщение Meine Ruhe » 08 авг 2009, 13:45

маршруты по Петре

А здесь из собранного мной по общественному транспорту, цены уже несколько выросли


Public minibuses and, to a lesser extent, public buses are the normal form of transport for locals and visitors.

Tickets for public buses and minibuses are normally bought on the bus. For private buses, tickets are usually bought from an office at the departure point. Tickets for private buses should be bought a day in advance; on public buses and minibuses it's every frail old man, woman, and goat for themselves. Bigger private bus companies like JETT (5664146; Al-Malek al-Hussein St, Shmeisani) (Amman to Aqaba), Trust International Transport (06 5813427) (Amman to Aqaba) and Hijazi (4638110) (Amman to Irbid) are generally the most reliable, comfortable and fastest because they generally don't stop en route to pick up passengers.

Unaccompanied men and women can sit next to each other, but some seat-shuffling often takes place to ensure that unaccompanied foreign men or women do not sit next to members of the opposite sex that they do not know. On smaller minibuses locals signify that they want to get off by rapping a coin on a side window.

Public buses and minibuses normally only leave when full, so you can sometimes wait around for an hour or more before you finally depart. Standing is not normally allowed.

There's little overcharging on minibuses, except for services to/from Wadi Musa (for Petra). Sometimes you will have to pay the full fare even if you're not going the full distance.

The two largest cities, Amman and Irbid, have efficient and cheap public bus networks, but few have destination signs in English (although some have 'English' numbers), there are no schedules or timetables available and local bus stations are often chaotic. Service taxis are much more useful and still cheap.


Карта Аммана - http://www.tourism.jo/Maps/AmmanMap.htm

AFANA Express Bus, Amman / Aqaba
At Abdali Bus Station are AFANA express buses to Aqaba for 4.35JD, buses leave 7:30am, 11:30am, 3:00pm, 5:00pm, 7:00pm. The schedule from Aqaba to Amman is the same. Travel time is 4 hrs, no stops or drop offs.

The drop off in Aqaba is in front of Dream Hotel.

Coffee, tea, mineral water and sodas available on board, buses are modern with A/C.

Once outside Amman, a movie (Arabic) is played.

The landscape through the Kings Highway is beautiful!

From Abdali Bus Station in Amman, buses to Jerash and Madaba run every hour, the fare is 0.400JD.

Tip: To get to Mount Nebo, take the bus to Madaba. Mount Nebo is another 8km away, to get there take a service taxi (white car) for 1JD at the traffic round about near St. George's Church with its famous mosaic map on the floor.

The three main bus station in Amman are Abdali station for transport to the north and west; Wahadat station for the south; and Raghadan station for Amman and nearby towns.

Private buses can be booked from the JETT office. It is located about 500m northwest of the Abdali Bus Station. They go to Aqaba, Hammamat Mai'n, King Hussein Bridge, and Petra.

JETT buses cost:
Aqaba 4.2 JD
King Hussein Bridge 6.5 JD
Petra 6 JD

Minibuses from Abdali cost:
Aljun 500 fils
Jerash 350 fils
Madaba 270 fils

Minibuses from Wahadat cost:
Aqaba 3 JD
Karak 800 fils
Petra 1.5 JD

Tabarbour bus station is the main station to get you out of Amman to head North, to visit cities like Irbid, Ajloun, Oum Qais, Salt, Fuhais etc ...
Buses are available all day long till mid-night, this is the cheapest way to get around the country & is mostly reliable (ecxept when the bus break down sometimes)

Amman City Tour Bus
Phone: +962799012324
Website: http://nasimjo.blogspot.com/2008/06/amm ... -tour.html
Our buses operate between the hours of 10am and 8pm every day, complete tour (approximately 2 and one-half hours), price 10 JD


TRUST and a similar express bus AFANA leave from Abdali station.

JETT bus station is about 5-10 minutes from Abdali. There are no stops or drop offs with express buses, so you CANNOT use it to get to Wadi Rum Junction.


Mini buses South (Ma'an, Karak, Petra) are available at Wahadat Station downtown, a short taxi ride from the Amphitheatre in the opposite direction of Grand Husseini Mosque. Buses to Ma'an run late into the evening, if you missed your bus to Petra, catch one and from Amman to Ma'an, then take a taxi for 5JD from Ma'an to Petra.

To get to Wadi Rum take a mini bus to Aqaba or Ma'an (then another from Ma'an to Aqaba), get off at the Wadi Rum Junction, then take a taxi for a flat rate of 5JD to Rum Village or make arrangements to have your guide meet you.

Bus stations/ depots are located in Abadali just near The Palace of Justice. Buses to direct regions around Jordon can be taken from this depot.

There are a few different bus stations in Amman, which can be used to get to other tourist cities. If you tell a taxi driver that you want to go to the bus station and which city you want to go to, he will know which station to go to. The buses are cheap, or from the station you can negotiate a price with the service taxis (easier to do if you have an arabic speaker with you, because jordanian drivers are con-artists). There are a couple of different bus companies running, and different ones go to different places. The main bus operator is Jett Bus, which can be more expensive than the others, but goes nearly everywhere. Jett bus does not have a website, but these are their most current phone numbers:


An American expatriate who has lived in Amman for a long time, and takes about 50 cabs every month. estimates that 90% of the drivers are decent chaps, but the other 10% are scoundrels and can create a miserable travel experience.

To avoid getting ripped off by a taxicab driver, you should know the following:

1. The driver must turn the meter on. If he says it is "broken," or it "needs to be reset for benzene" get out of the cab and hail a different one.

2. There is no such thing as a "hotel taxi." Many ordinary yellow cabs hang out around the major hotels, claiming to be "hotel taxis" and charge exorbitant rates. The bellhops and concierges of the hotels are in on the scam. These cabs never turn their meters on, and will quote fares up to 5 times higher than what should be charged. To avoid them, simply walk away from the hotel a block or two and hail a cab there. A genuine hotel taxi should be more like a limousine -- a different kind of car and not the usual yellow color.

3. Prices in Jordan, including taxi fares, are shown to the third decimal place. When you first get into a cab and the driver turns the meter on, the meter should read 150 or .150 . This means 150 fils (also called 15 piasters), which is only 15% of a Jordanian Dinar (JD). One dinar is represented by 1000 or 1.000 . Some sleazy cab drivers take advantage of tourists who do not know this -- telling them that 1000 means ten dinars, instead of the correct one dinar. In the early summer of 2008, the initial charge was raised from 15 piasters to 25 piasters. However, some of the meters have not been reset to reflect this higher initial charge. It is legitimate, in this case, for the taxi drivers to ask you for 10 extra piasters on top of the quoted meter fare. But you should always note what the initial fare is as soon as he turns the meter on.

4. Carry plenty of 1 JD notes, and save coins for taxi rides. Taxi drivers will always grumble if you try to pay with a 5 JD note, and they may refuse to make change from a 10 JD note. Taxi drivers do not expect tips, but if the fare is close to a round number (say, 1.750) it would be customary to round up (in this case, 2 JD).

4. All taxi drivers are required to display a card either on the visor or in the windshield, on the passenger side, with their photo, name, driver number, and license plate number. Many drivers, however, do not display this card.

5. If you believe that you are getting ripped off, note carefully the date and time of the trip and the driver number or license plate number(preferably both), and file a complaint. The telephone numbers and email address on the display card with the driver's photo do not work. Instead, call 487-4310 x273 (this is a land line) or 077-719-6196 (this is a mobile phone). The person answering speaks little English, so it's preferable to have an Arabic speaker call. They may ask you to fax a written complaint. The fax number is 489-1397.


Madaba to Amman
Buses leave Madaba to Amman from early in the morning up to 20:30. You can get to wahdat and Abdeli bus station among other places from the main road next to the Hospital round about. To get to the Hospital from the Mariam, turn right as you get out of the hotel and then turn right again when you get to the first intersecsion. Keep walking for 10 minutes until you see the hospital. On the Map, Next to the hospital you see a cross and a crescent.

You can also go to the Amman University from Madaba, take the Bus from another Round about opposite Madaba town Authority. As you leave the hotel turn to the left and keep walking for few minutes and when the road ends take right and you see the round about. It will cost you 400 Qirsh for the bus trip

make sure to ask when the last bus leaves Amman to Madaba!!

As soon as I arrived to madaba I told the Hotel Maneger that I want to visit Petra so he arranged a bus trip through king highway. It was a very scenic route that toke us through Wadi Mojib, Karak, Tafilah, Dana national Park and other smaller cities.
We left @ 10 a.m. and reached Petra @ 5 with multiple stops in between visiting the significant spots along the way. It will cost you 15 JD per person with a minimum of 3 people. If you are the only one than you'll have to pay 45 JD

Madaba can be visited easily as a day trip from Amman, using the small buses from Abdali Bus station, near the King Abdullah Mosque (buses also go to Madaba from Wahdat bus station, but this is further out of the city). I had looked round at all the large buses first, until I found someone to point me in the right direction. The small buses for various towns look identical apart from the labels stating their start point and destination in Arabic, so it is important to check that it is the right one before boarding. There are lots of taxi drivers at the bus station, who are keen to persuade people to use their services rather than the bus and in particular they will often approach anyone they think is a tourist.
The bus travels first through a lot of Amman, including some very smart modern looking areas, making many stops, to pick up or set down passengers, on the way. It was quite early in the morning, so I think these may have been people on their way to work. Then it continued along a motorway until it reached Madaba and made several more stops around the edge of the town, before arriving at a bus station. From here I could see a tall church at the top of a hill and headed for this, thinking I could ask for directions to see the mosaics from there. The total journey time was just over an hour and it was very cheap; I got change back after giving the driver's assistant one Jordanian Dinar!

Madaba / Nebo / Machaerus

From Amman, Abadali Bus Station, take the bus to Madaba for 0.400JD, get off in town. Buses leave approximately every hour, when they are full. Madaba is about 30KM away, when you get there look for the road sign Visitor's Centre, get off in town closest to it - you can get a map of Madaba and info.
See The Church of St. George with the 6th Centry Mosaic Map on the floor, the Apostle's Church, two Museums and the School of Mosaics.
Mount Nebo is approximately 8 kms away. To get there, take a service taxi for 1JD.
Getting back to Madaba from Mount Nebo can be tricky. If there are no cabs nor taxis, walk a bit and basically hitch, be careful, and offer the driver 1JD to take you back to Madaba.

These trips are organized by the Mariam Hotel. The trip orignate from Madaba unless stated other wise. This is the coast of transportation. Entrance fees will have to be paid @ the sites. If a guide is needed this could be arranged by the Hotel

1)Pick up from the airport to Madaba JOD 12 By day or night
2) To the airport JOD 10 By day or night
3 To the Dead Sea and Mount Nebo JOD 22 one hour at each site, and for extra waiting hour 2 JOD
4)To Mount Nebo, Dead Sea, and Bethany JOD 25 one hour at each site, and for extra waiting hour 2 JOD
5) To Mount Nebo, Dead sea, Bethany, Dead Sea Panorama and Hammamat Ma'in Springs. JOD 35 one hour at each site, and for extra waiting hour 2 JOD
6) To the Desert Castles (Amra, Kharaneh and Azraq). JOD 40 one hour at each site, and for extra waiting hour 2 JOD
7) To Hamamet Ma'in JOD 15 with a one hour stop, , and for extra waiting hour 2 JOD
8) To Petra via the Kings' Highway per person (at least 3 persons) JOD 15 with a stop at Wadi Mujib and an hour at Kerak
9) To Petra via the Desert Highway JOD 45
10) To Aqaba via Wadi Araba JOD 60
11) Jearsh and Ajlune JOD 40 with a one hour stop, , and for extra waiting hour 2 JOD


Taxi driver - Но сначала адвертайзинг таксисту. Как водитель он бальшой спец. Его телефон: 00962796970911. По его словам, он по первому звонку примчится хоть в Аккабу, хоть в Амман.


From Aqaba to Wadi Rum

Many people are disappointed to hear that there is no reliable public transport from Aqaba to Wadi Rum early in the morning. If you need to get there early, the only possibility is a taxi (fare is 15JD). You can also take a bus going north (any bus) and get down at the Rum Intersection and hitch from there. Most local drivers will ask for 5JD, which is the standard taxi charge for the distance of 30 kilometers.
The first possible bus is at 11am - and this is only when there is a second early bus from Rum to Aqaba. Otherwise most days the first bus is at 1pm, and the second at 3pm.
The bus at 1pm is usually crowded, so get there early! There is usually room on the 3pm one.
The fare is 1JD.

From Wadi Rum to Petra

The same bus returns to Petra afterwards at about 8.30am, usually arriving in Petra around 10.30 or 11.00. The fare is the same or about 3JD. You might be charged more if you have a large backpack.
If you have visited Wadi Rum with a Bedouin guide, he will almost always call the driver to make sure that he is coming, before bringing you to the village to put you on the bus. If you have wandered around alone, then ask at the Village Rest House about this.
If there is no bus, you will have to get yourself to the Desert Highway and wait for a bus from Aqaba to Petra - there are several during the morning. Most people would drive you there - but would charge 6JD which is the standard taxi fare for this distance

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Сорри, за несвязанность текста, но собирала для себя все в один файл. Может быть вам поможет

What to Sее


A wander through the fruit and vegetable souk in Amman is very satisying to the senses -
Address: Between al-Malek Talal and Quraysh Streets

Don't expect to find a souq like in Istanbul or Marrakesh. Apart from being an "open air" souq (with no roofs or buildings holding it), Amman's souq is not really a place for tourists to buy things. It is more a place for locals, with cheap prices, with food shops, barber shops, groceries, butchers', cheap clothing shops etc ... you might find some shops with handicraft or souvenirs for tourists, but just a very very few. But, be sure that prices here are much lower than in any other touristc place in Jordan. As low as 4 or 5 times the price you would be asked for if you buy anything in a shop near a touristic site.
However, it's an interesting place, and spending a while walking around Amman's souq won't be a waste of time.
The souq is located downtown, near the Roman Theatre and King Hussein Mosque.


.The best spots are Nai on Thursdays, Eight on Fridays, Cube on Wednesdays (if you're into 80's music that is) while the rest I wouldn't really recommend (not that they're bad or anything). Those are all lounges with clubbing ambiance where you get to run into Ammanis who are regulars at the outing scene (& where basicaly everybody knows everybody), but if you're simply looking for a laid back place with drinks, good food & good music then you need to head to one of the bars/pubs. My recommendations would be Living Room, Rover's & Dubliners. "

Blue Fig - рекомендованный бар

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Бюджетные отели



Room Type: Triple
Three Queen Size beds. The capacity is 3 persons (childrens or adults).
Facilities: TV+Satellite, Safety Deposit Box , Heating and hotwater, Hair Drier, Fan, Direct Dialling Phone , Bathroom
Price per night/room
14/04/2009 - 15/04/2009 48.00
Total for the stay/room (JOD): 48.00
Total for the stay (JOD):
St George's Church Pilgrim House


ADDRESS: Box 80, Madaba, 17110, JORDAN
PHONE: (05)324-4984
MOBILE: 0779033944
EMAIL: pilgrimshouse@greekorthochurch.com

Christian pilgrims are the core clientele in this hostel but staff are generally happy to take in stray tourists. Rooms are simple but very clean, with fresh sheets and a towel, and you get a small but clean private bathroom with hot water. Some rooms have a church view.

Moab Land Hotel


Address Talal St, Town Centre
Phone (05) 3251318
Price Range Иордания (ссылки)

Directly opposite St George's Church, this place is run by a Greek Orthodox family. It's an attractive, clean and airy place, staff are friendly and the location is excellent. Rooms are warm and cosy. In summer savour a slow breakfast on the great rooftop terrace. The reception is on the upper floor.

Madaba Hotel

Address Al-Jame St, Town Centre
Phone (05) 3240643
Price Range $

This is the best budget option, with clean, simple rooms and a friendly family feel. The shared bathrooms are spotless, with hot water in the morning and evening, and there's a ground floor lounge and kitchen that guests can use. In summer you can probably sleep in the rooftop Bedouin tent. Breakfast is an additional small fee.

Madaba Inn

Address Talal St, Town Centre
Phone (05) 3259003
Price Range Иордания (ссылки)

This brand-new 33-room hotel had not yet opened at the time of research but should provide a central midrange option, said to be managed by Grand Palace Amman.

Lulu Pension

Address Hamraa' al-Asd St, Town Centre
Phone (05) 3243678
Price Range Иордания (ссылки)

Has a family feel to it, and the rooms are very comfortable and the welcome is warm. The cheaper rooms are in the basement. Guests have access to the satellite TV room and a self-service kitchen that's great for making cups of tea.

Salome Hotel

Address Aisha Umm al-Mumeneen St, Town Centre
Phone (05) 3248606
Price Range $

Connected to the Mariam next door (it's sometimes used an overspill) this new 17-room hotel is another very comfortable choice.

Mosaic City Hotel - инет выдал 62$ за дабл

Phone: + (962) 5-325-1313
Fax: + (962) 5-325-0013
E-mail: customerservice@mosaiccityhotel.com
Be yourself, no matter what they say!
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Сообщение zerokol » 09 авг 2009, 00:06

все это хорошо, но инфа старая, станцию абдали закрыли Иордания (ссылки)
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Сообщение Aromo » 23 сен 2009, 23:03

И откуда сейчас направляется основной пассажиропоток?
почетный путешественник
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Сообщение Kimono » 06 окт 2010, 09:29

Спасибо! Очень полезные ссылки! А здесь можно найти гида в Иордании http://www.tourguides.com.jo/Home/Homepage.aspx
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Сообщение Andrevna » 18 янв 2012, 12:51

Мадаба - гостиницы, рестораны, достопримечательности:
полноправный участник
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Сообщение Irina Wolf » 06 авг 2016, 23:37

http://www.jordanpass.jo/Contents/Jorda ... tions.aspx -оформление единого билета Иордании
Irina Wolf
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